Smarter Roads for Smarter Mobility

Today, Pieter Morlion, presented Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) at the annual meeting of the Working Party on Road Transport (SC.1), an initiative of the UNECE. One of the key takeouts of his presentation is what TMaaS has to offer to developing countries and startup cities: Fast forward to virtual traffic management with a simple subscription model.  

Go to the online version of Pieter Morlion's presentation about TMaaS at SC.1 annual meeting in Geneva

Read the full article about the event on the UNECE website

About SC.1
The Working Party on Road Transport (SC.1) promotes the development and facilitation of international transport by road—of goods and passengers—by harmonizing and simplifying the rules and requirements at transport. To meet this objective, SC.1 draws up, manages and updates international legal instruments. SC.1 occasionally is a parent body to technical expert groups such as those concerning the digital tachograph rules or transport of passengers by coach and bus. It also develops non-binding recommendations and best practices in international road transport such as Consolidated Resolution on the Facilitation of International Road Transport (R.E.4). Finally, SC.1 promotes the third party motor liability insurance law (Green card system).

The participation in SC.1 is open to all countries across the world. Typically, SC.1 meets once a year in Geneva, Switzerland. The UNECE Transport Division provides the group’s secretariat support: it services sessions, prepares documents, agendas and reports, collects and disseminates information and facilitates the liaison among Governments.