ITS World Congress
to Sep 21

ITS World Congress

Ivana Semanjski, Assistant professor (Senior Research Associate) at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Ghent 

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About the conference

Don’t miss the world’s leading event in Intelligent Transport Systems & Services A unique opportunity to: • Exchange information and network with 10 000+ stakeholders and decision makers • See the latest mobility solutions • Share experiences and lessons learned • Monitor progress and measure results of implementation and deployment • Exhibit and experience cutting-edge technologies and innovative products and services • Enter business and partnership opportunities


1. Mobility services - from transport to mobility to livability
2. ITS and the environment
3. Connected, cooperative and automated transport
4. Next generation goods delivery
5. Satellite technology applied to mobility
6. Transport network operations


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Innovations in mobility and logistics: Is GDPR a barrier or a stimulator?
8:30 AM08:30

Innovations in mobility and logistics: Is GDPR a barrier or a stimulator?

Big data, blockchain, smart cameras and traffic lights, traffic management as a service, physical internet and much more. These are trendy buzzwords for new innovations in logistics and mobility. 

Another buzzword is coming from the European Union: GDPR: a new privacy law that will be implemented from May onwards and will have a numerable impact on the (new) ITS-solutions. 

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